Video Training Courses

There are training videos on a wide variety of subjects on and it is all freely available to you as SHU students.

To access the videos:

log in here at 

click the ‘Organizational Login’, enter  ‘’ in the bottom box and click ‘Go’.

Finally, after entering your SHU username and password, you will be taken back to and able to access the videos.

There is also a app for smartphones and tablets that you can use to download videos and watch them when you don’t have internet access.

You can download the app from here and use the same login instructions as above.

We have curated a range of resources to help support and develop outcomes on the module…

Technical skills

Adobe InDesign courses

Graphic Design Intro / Refresher course

General Design Skills

Graphic Design best practices (updated weekly)

Infographics Fundamentals course

Freelancing/Business skills

‘Running a Design company’ courses


Behance – Portfolios of the Day

Graphic Design on Pinterest 

Graphic Design  News and Resources

Design Week

Designer Daily