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Bluetooth beacons offer potential to interweave contextual information and interaction within our students’ everyday experience on campus. At this developmental stage we are interested in the following scenarios:

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A – Learning Zones (Studio Spaces)

Imagine the scenario a student enters the building and is automatically pushed a notification about a room change for that afternoon lecture. The student spends the morning self-directed in the studio space. As they enter the lecturer has pushed a url for stimulus and directed them to a specific learning zone triggered by proximity in the physical space. As the student leaves a push notification reminds them about the next formal session and a pre-learning activity. 

The potential to link physical and the virtual environments in a learning space offer exciting possibilities for a creative community of practice. Engaging internal and external communities of students, staff and partners can potentially offer to an already vibrant studio culture.


B – Augmented Interaction (Gallery / Exhibition Space)


The importance of an academic home embodied in physical space is vital to develop a community of practice and enable technology to facilitate context-aware engagement by connecting people and information. Through exploring the transformative nature of technology and its interaction with space and pedagogy, the project will provide a roadmap for future practice. The innovation will also inspire the student cohort to integrate the technology into personal work and future submissions. The outcomes will surface key considerations for a broad range of stakeholders across the university as we consider the best use of the estate to enhance learning and teaching.


· Develop a connected learning space that supports Art & Design students, staff, and partners

· Recommend appropriate technologies that support, enhance and augment learning spaces in Art & Design

· Suggest possible pedagogical approaches that complement innovative connected learning spaces in Art & Design and across the institution