This development project, based in Art & Design is to be located in the historic ‘Head Post Office’ building at Sheffield Hallam University. The move to a new building presents an opportunity to re-examine current practice and develop institutional approaches to learning and teaching.

This research project aims to investigate Graphic Design students’ perceptions of the value of studio space and the potential benefits of developing communities of practice (Physical & Virtual) to support their learning. The research team is specifically interested in the potential of technology to enhance the studio space and be a supportive leaver in the development of a community of practice that can reside in the physical studio space on campus but also extend virtually into the wider Art & Design community external of space and institution. We hope to understand the value of the connection between studio space a community of practice and the general importance of ‘digital’ to the discipline.



By the end of this research project, we hope to –
  • Understand the value and importance of a contemporary studio space 
  • Consider best practice for the integration of technology to support learning & teaching (What is digital in the discipline)
  • Identify what factors can support and develop a community of practice
  • Reflect on how the factors of space, community and technology can develop and enhance pedagogy and practice
  • Share from the findings what is potentially transferable to other disciplines